Saturday, January 31, 2009

Plan ahead

I don't think I'd make it two days without having certain things planned ahead such as the ever looming question "What's for dinner?" Thanks to Excel I've mastered the menu! I put it on the fridge every week.  Along with it saves a lot of headaches and helps with the grocery shopping.  My favorite part is telling Brooklyn what we're having. Instead of giving her choices, we just refer to the menu. Another great part is, after 4 or 5 weeks, instead of coming up with a new menu, I just refer to one I've already made.  I like to save the weekends for surprises like eating out, Sunday dinner, or a special breakfast.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meatloaf beatloaf, double meatloaf . . .

Why is it that when kids have meat-loaf, they make it look as disgusting as possible and then don't eat it.  It could have lettuce, ketchup, pickles, and a bun on it and they still won't eat it.  I'll admit I added the spoon to recreate the "Christmas Story" scene (minus the mashed potatoes on top of the spoon), but really, it just looks gross on her plate.  Needless to say, she only had a few bites, but that's been happening a lot lately.  She is not mommy's little piggy!

We had the neighbor kids over today. I couldn't help but think of my friends who have their babies one after another and think, "So
 this is what it's like to have 5 kids 5 years old and under."  I'm glad Brooklyn was able to have some fun this week with friends. It was sad this morning when she said, "Mom, can we have some fun today?"  You have to understand, she has been around kids as much as a full time job for at least half of her life.  Taking her away from that has been quite the shock to her system.  Thank goodness for neighbors!  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I just noticed that the last few pictures I've posted of Brooklyn. She's in pajamas!  I promise she doesn't spend her life in them.  She does get changed eventually.  Since we've stopped going to school/work, there really isn't anything to get ready for until maybe lunchtime.  But wouldn't that be great if your whole wardrobe was made of pajamas?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daddy's girls

Mike went back to work today. I've really enjoyed the last two months of paid paternity leave and having my husband home every day. I'm actually surprised he lasted that long, but very grateful as well. I love you honey! We miss you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keepin' busy

I've been trying to find things to do while Mike is still home from work on paternity leave.  I want to take advantage of every minute he's here.  So I came up with this little crafty idea that was completely funded by my Joann's Gift Card I got for Christmas.  Thanks Mom H!  

Brooklyn's also needed some help finding something to do.  However, holding the baby is always going to be her favorite thing I think.

Taylor falls asleep in the weirdest positions sometimes.  I think this time she was dreaming about the Cardinals.  TOUCHDOWN!  Congratulations AZ!  See ya at the Super Bowl!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Rocks!

Christmas was awesome this year.  These are just highlights of the awesome day.  From my cousin-in-law Julie, I got a piano!  Okay, so it was already mine, but it's been sitting at her house until we had room for it in a place of our own.  Since we moved in our house last July, I've been begging Mike to get it over here.  So for my secret Santa gift from Julie she brought it over and gave me money to spend at Milano's.  Thanks again Julie!  
Not only that, but Mike's secret Santa was his Uncle Wade who knows Mike is in to guitars and stuff.  Well, he gave Mike this mandolin.  We were both totally stoked to get these and we're very grateful to have them.

Brooklyn also got something she'd been wanting for a while.  Her first bike!  We got her a 16" since she's so tall.  Hopefully it will be the right size for the next couple of years.  She loves practicing on her bike.  She's already taken a trip down to the mailbox and back with no help at all.  
When we got to grandma and grandpa Harris', she was even more excited to see she got a 3-wheel scooter.  It's easier for her to ride and smaller too.  She loves to ride this in the house.
Christmas tends to wear us out.  This is the routine Mike and Taylor have every morning.  She really fell asleep like that for like and hour and a half.  Mike just loves to stay in bed.

Brooklyn doesn't sleep in, but she does fall asleep in funny ways.  One night she made a bed for her Minnie Mouse.  She liked it so much she wanted to sleep there too.  She fell asleep on the floor and as you can see, we don't have carpeting, so we took a quick picture and put her back in bed.  Good times!