Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's a...It's a....


We went in for another ultrasound today and the baby was finally cooperative.  We will be having another little girl (much to the sadness of my sister who was mostly excited for a craft idea that only works for a boy).  We're very happy.  Of course I would love to have a boy, you know, to carry on the Harris name, but maybe next time.  We're pretty set on the name Taylor Hope Harris.  Brooklyn picked out Taylor and Kristi added the hope.  Her plan is to have three girls with the middle names Faith, Hope and Charity.  I should totally give my boy(s) a middle name from the scout oath or something.  Like Cheerful or Thrifty, something snappy, something catchy.

The great part is that we already have a bunch of girl clothes so that helps out a lot.  The baby is right where it should be developmentally.  The doctors are paying more attention Kristi and her body.  This is where things started to go south when she was pregnant with Brooklyn.  But, the pregnancy has been extremely different and incident free so far that we are very hopeful that there should be limited set backs if any!  We're a little more experienced this time around and so we're a little more aware what is and is not supposed to happen.

So, for all those of you who were just dying to know...It's going to be a girl! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Help me out . . .

So I love getting ultra sounds at the OB/GYN office.  My doctor seems to do them just for fun.  I don't mind cuz he always gives me a picture to take home.  So the last time we went (Aug. 25) we were supposed to find out what the baby's gender was.  I'm a planner, I've got to know.  Well, these are the pictures we got.

Cute profile!

Okay, now this SHOULD be the shot!  That little plus sign is right between two legs.  However, the doctor said this isn't really a good shot to tell what it is.  He's saying a girl, just because he's not seeing anything else, but he wants to check again next time (Sept. 23).  I'm okay with that cuz maybe we'll get some more pics!  Sorry to all of you who I left hanging with no response or answer.  It's simply because I don't really know myself.  I'm waiting to find out what happens at the next appointment.  To be continued . . .

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a beautiful world . . .

So seeing as blogs aren't really fun unless there are pictures, I'm finally posting some of my own.  Here's some pictures from our trip to Greer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What happened to August!?

Wow time flies when you have too much to do!  So yes, we moved and I love our house!  I love the whole moving process so much that some of our stuff is still in boxes (note sarcasm).  Luckily it only took us two weeks to get our internet working, but by then I had started "school" with Brooklyn at Noah Webster Basic and it's pretty much taken up all my energy.  Starting a new job can be so exhausting but I really like it there.  

Mike started school too at ASU.  He's working on getting a degree in Graphic Information Technology which he's totally interested in.  So hopefully that means he'll finish!  I don't care how long it takes, just as long as we can keep living in our 3 bedroom house, I'll be fine.

Other fun things . . .

I read Breaking Dawn! Everybody's opinion of it is pretty much my opinion.  I liked it, but didn't.  I can honestly say that I've never been so mad and happy in a book before.  There was one point I was going to throw the book across the room and call it quits, but I plowed through it before school could start.  I just hate not finishing something I started.  I'm glad to say that I finished it and got my closure.  Eclipse is still my favorite by far. 

And P.S. . .  Did you know that a partial draft of Midnight Sun is on Stephenie Meyer's website.  I guess someone illegally posted it on the internet and she was pretty upset about it.  But instead of just getting mad she was nice enough to provide it on her website so her fans wouldn't have to go find it and be dishonestly reading it.  Some people say she'll still publish it, but she almost made it sound like she's postponing the whole book indefinitely.  I sure hope she still publishes it.  I read her draft and loved every minute of it.  I want more!!!  She didn't even get to the meadow scene.  That's what I was getting excited about and then it stopped in the story like 2 days before it happens.  It's not like I don't know what's going to happen in the book, but I want to know what He was thinking!  Ugh . . . we'll have to wait for more from her . . . again.

We went to Greer over Labor Day weekend!  A much needed vacation I must say.  Although staying in a hotel on a squeaky double bed with a 6' 4'' husband isn't really a fun vacation.  I'm glad we were able to get queens the next night.  We slept much better and enjoyed our time with family.  Brooklyn caught her first fish!  A small blue gill, but still quite the adventure.  Apparently she went to touch it and the spine poked her.  Once that happened, she didn't want to have anything to do with fish or fishing.  We're just so glad Mike's grandparents have a trailor there so we have a fun place to "hang" and fishing equipment to use.  Thanks Old People!