Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Out and About with Kristi

I had my day off for MKL Jr. day a day later than everybody else so on Tuesday morning Kristi and I went out. First we went to Al's which is basically a huge lot of wood, doors, and various other things. We were looking for crown molding and they had a ton and it was super cheap (Thanks for the heads up, Kristyn!). Then we went to a couple antique malls to look for cool thing. Many were found but none were bought. Then we were hungry so I saw a giant yellow and orange barrel that was advertising carne asada. I, never having eaten food that came from a barrel, was convinced this is what we needed to eat and Kristi was totally game. The carne asada was awesome (better than Filiberto's even). Then on the way home after eating we made another stop at the old Buckhorn Baths on Main/Apache Trail because I wanted to take pics with our new camera. I'm still learning how to use it well but I have fun doing it. I processed some of them in Photoshop and left most of them raw. What do you think? Enjoy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Other holiday pics

Taylor got this baby from Aunt Debbie and played with it immediately and for about a half hour before she realized other people were around her. She loves her babies!
Is it a blanket? Is it a sweater? No, it's Superman the Snuggie!
I made these pillows for Aunt Valrie and like a dork I didn't take a picture of them ahead of time, but she seemed to like them!
Taylor got this way cute jacket from Aunt Holly and we promised cute pictures with her in it.
Aunt Holly also gave her a puppy tent that she loves immensely!

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas tree survived the year of another 2 year old . . . barely. We had a great Christmas filled with lots of visits with family and friends. Mike and I were blessed with a lot of market research studies to help pay for Christmas. Mike did one on chocolate and another on pizza. I did one about steak and got two huge steaks to cook and review. Brooklyn and Taylor both got emails from Santa that really helped over the break with any behavior issues that might have come up. I'm dreading the day Brooklyn finds out about our "friend" from the north.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. I'm starting school again next week so who knows when my next post will be. Until next time . . .

Girls in Leaves

Aunt Holly had a wonderful idea to take photos of the girls in the leaves so we had a fun little session and get very dirty :) I love my new camera! Click to see a larger image.