Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine flu explained

It was this kid! (Thanks dad for sending this to me.  I laughed a lot)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter, curtains, and garden!

Whose the cutest Easter Bunny you've ever seen?  Mine of course!  We got this costume for Brooklyn when she was almost a year and a half.  Taylor mostly fits into it and she's not even 6 months old!  We thought we'd use it again, I mean, what good is a costume if it only gets worn once.

Full view :)

Because of the rain, we did the Lindblom easter egg hunt inside the house.  It was kind of hard to hide about 70 eggs in only two rooms, but we did it!  
This is only about half of the grandkids.  Cathy took four out of her five kids to Disney on Ice that happened to be on the same day.  I'm so jealous.
Mike was the cutest husband.  I don't know if he really thought of this himself, but he wore his argyle sweatshirt to match the one I wore that day.  Yeah for being married.
I finally got Brooklyn's curtains done!  At first they were too short, but I just sewed on a panel at the bottom and you can't even tell.  I thought these would help her sleep in later, but just my luck, the summer sun still effects her and she's been getting up an hour earlier that before.  

We've got our soil down for our garden thanks to Mike and his dad's help.  Now we just need to put the seeds in and we'll be all set! My f-i-l said, "I'm surprised these wood planks aren't painted and stenciled!"  Little did he know I actually considered it, but I didn't need this project to cost anymore.  Oh, the sacrifices I make . . . 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kate! You're the BOMB!

So we had a photo shoot today with Kate Lines another of my favorite photographers.  Mike is doing her website so she's giving us some free sessions which is so generous of her since her work is soooooooo professional.  Check her stuff out HERE.

Here's just a sample.

She took pictures of Taylor too.  They will be posted later.  Stay tuned . . .