Friday, April 20, 2012

For the In laws

My father in law was giving me grief for not having the blog updated to show off his grandkids.  I knew it was bad when he was able to tell me the exact date of my last post.  Okay Dad, this is mostly for you.  I'm glad I found time to get it done though.  I really ought to be better at this. You'll notice that Taylor has more pictures than Brooklyn.  I promise it's not cuz we like her more or anything.  It's because she likes the camera more than Brooklyn.  Brooklyn hides so we get what we can from her.

 This little girl looks so innocent, but the following pictures will show you just what this 3 year old can do when she's alone.

 Substance: A&D ointment.  We could smell it on her and in her room for at least a couple of weeks.  Her hair stopped looking greasy after the first week.

Substance: Blue Sharpie Highlighter.  Don't worry, this comes off, but don't use a baby wipe, just throw them in the tub.

My parents had a Spring Carnival in their neighborhood with free dinner, cotton candy, ice cream, bouncy house, petting zoo, horse rides and of course, a barrel train pulled by a lawn mower.  
We had a blast!

The biggest event that's happened in the last little while is Taylor's trip to the hospital.  While we were at our friend's wedding celebration, Taylor threw up and wasn't feeling well.  We came home early and took her to the ER.  Her oxygen sats were extremely low and after 4 back to back breathing treatments, she started to perk up and feel better.  The ER dr said her chest x-ray looked like she had a 30% lung collapse and they were sending her to Cardon's Childrens Medical Center to see if she needed to have a chest tube put in.  Taylor and I got to experience our first ambulance ride, but I'm not sure it really qualifies as exciting cuz the lights and sirens weren't even on.  To me, that was a good think since I was already a nervous wreck.  After a blessing from her dad and grandpa, the second chest x-ray came back clear. She didn't need a chest tube, just further breathing treatments if needed.  Miracles happen and I'm glad we were blessed enough to have one.  They kept her overnight for observation and was able to go home the next day, Easter Sunday.  

Luckily before we left, Taylor got a visit from the Easter Bunny who came to see all the children in the Cardon's ICU and got her own Easter basket with bunny ears to boot.

So I hope you're happy Grandpa that you have a whole new batch of pictures to show off to your co-workers.  Feel free to remind me in the future if I'm slackin' again.

Oh ya, you can brag about us too. Mike just finished two online classes taken simultaneously and got A's on his final projects!  He's a trooper and the best dad and husband ever!

I'm still here playing with furniture and going to school.  I've just started an internship at the end of March and I'm getting class credit for it.  I'm working at a Hospitality design firm with some amazing Art Institute Alumni. Crossing my fingers for a job position at the end of my internship.  I think I found the field of interior design I want to stay in!

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