Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24 days and counting . . .

I'm so excited about this move. I can't go a single day without thinking about little things like cleaning the new kitchen or HAVING CARPET. One thing I have my eye on right now is this:

I can't wait to have a new refrigerator to fill it with all the fun healthy stuff and not have to bend over backwards to see what I forgot to eat earlier in the week or to dig in my "freggie" drawers (thanks Brittney for the most awesome healthy term ever. aka fruits and veggies) Only 24 days until we get the keys and praying things go smoothly!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here it is!

We're buying this house!

I wanted to wait until we had the inspection done before I announced it to everyone. We've been looking at houses since January mostly just to see what was out there and if we could afford something. Well, apparently we can! Closing date is Apr 16th! Stay tuned for more of our first time home buyer experiences!


I'm such a bad mom. I have never taken Brooklyn to the zoo so this week I got to make up for it. On Monday I drove to Tucson with two of my sis-in-laws to visit another sis-in-law and we took all of our kids to the Reid Park Zoo. Except for Kyla. She's 14 and too cool for the zoo. :)

Train rides
I got to take Grant (6) and Matt (6) in my car on the way. Best moment in the car? Here it goes:

Radio: Ra ma ra ma la . . .
Grant: Lady Gaga!
Me: You know who Lady Gaga is?
Grant: Ya, my mom listens to this.
Matt: Hey, how do you make Lady Gaga cry?
Me: How Matt?
Matt: Poker Face!
(Uncontrollable laughter ensues)

We had a great time. Thanks again guys for making it such a fun day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I think my circuits just overloaded...

Whatever Kristi's surprise is, I don't know if it can compete with this...

This is where the big nerd inside me really overpowers the medium-sized nerd I really am on the outside.


We'll soon be making an announcement. I just thought I'd send out a teaser and let you all guess at what it could be. (If you know what it is don't ruin it for everyone else!)

Until next time . . .