Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So . . .

I know it's been a little while, but really, we haven't been doing much.  We've turned into hermits since the summer heat has been so unbearable.  But now that we've had some decent rain, I'm feeling a little more motivated to do stuff again.  Time to get off that awesome couch we got two months ago and start blogging again!

Brooklyn started school last month.  It's still weird to me that I have a second grader.  Just days before she started, she learned how to tie her shoes.  I guess I put it off long enough that she got it the first time I explained it to her.  It still takes her some time, but she'll get used to it and I'm so proud of her.

Brooklyn also has been losing teeth!  She's lost two so far and we have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow.  Cross our fingers he'll get two more out.  

Funny story about her second tooth she lost, but I'm sure this picture will explain it all.  I know I've done this too.

Thanks to our friends Sam and Sarah Rogers, we mowed our very first lawn!  This is our first cut in our own yard as a married couple.

We were having so much fun, Mike mowed a "mow" hawk in the yard.  


 The swing set is shown incomplete but I promise you that it is now fully operational!  It only took us 8 1/2 months to assemble.  Thanks Mark and Barb!

I also completed Brooklyn's room makeover over Labor Day weekend.  I posted the experience on my new blog Mom vs. Design School

I read in a recent magazine article while I was waiting in the doctor's office about things people learned from their dad's.  One woman said that her dad taught her to 


So what do we have to look forward to?  Next week, Mike and I will be done with yet another quarter of school.  The week after that we'll be heading of to our 8th Anniversary vacation (also the only vacation we're taking this year.)  We scored a nice deal from Living Social to Long Beach, CA for a two night stay in a nice hotel with a dinner included.  Can't wait can't wait can't wait!