Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can't Wait!

For the first time since Mike and I got married, we purchased a new, out-of-the-package, sectional couch! I can't wait for it to be delivered this weekend (cross our fingers). We've been looking at couches for about 6 months while suffering on our 7-foot, craigslist sofa, the only couch in our new house. Finally we bought one! We felt like we'd seen every couch in the valley via internet and showrooms. We were able to lay out our criteria in a very specific way and actually found what we wanted! It meets both of our needs while filling up a great empty space in our front room.

We've undergone a lot of changes in our house in the last couple of months. Other than the couch, I've spend a good week and a half sewing curtains for our house. Six and a half sets later, I'm done for a while. There are still 5 uncovered windows, but with school starting up again next week, there is no way I'm going to get that done. Nor do I have the fabric decisions made. I've taken some pictures, but we're also in the process of creating our own offices, aka, my stuff gets moved upstairs. Between my school stuff and Mike's, his guitar stuff, my craft/home management stuff, the little 12'x12' office wasn't cutting it anymore. So I took over the greater part of our upstairs loft, moved this kids toys to the smaller area (was my sewing area) and made my own office space. Both spaces are undergoing transformations at the moment (aka there are paint samples splashed on the walls, and the design juices are flowing :)

Here are some inspirations:

Can you tell I'm thinking along the lines of something blue or blue/green?

I've also recently come to a realization that I've been holding back. Maybe it was mostly me and our pocket book holding us back, but after some good heart to hearts with Mike these last couple of weeks, I feel inspired like I've never been before. I don't think of design so much as what is expected of me, but more of what excites me and what I see as beautiful. I've found a new confidence and vigor that motivates me from day to day.

I'm glad I'm taking the opportunity to go back to school right now. I feel educated to make better design decisions and I actually have real reasons to back up why I do what I do. Sure I've got 2 more years, but it's 2 more years of character building and taking on challenges to make me better as a designer and a person. Thanks again {HUSBAND} for providing and supporting me on this journey. I love making a beautiful home with you and I'm glad you get excited about it too :)