Friday, March 18, 2011


Yes I know I'm a slacker. Since school has begun so many things have either been eliminated from my routine or just severely pushed down the priority list. I've had to re-evaluate my time and make some major and some painful adjustments. For example, from Tuesday morning to Wednesday night, I only get to see Brooklyn for 2-3 hours; Mike even less. Taylor keeps me busy every morning no matter what day it is. But with a new quarter approaching, even that is going to change, but at least I'll get my evenings with the family back.

So, since it's been a while, let me give you and update on the fam.

Taylor is now nearly 2 1/2 years old! She is very good at entertaining herself and understands, listens and obeys more than I would expect an average 2 year old to do. It doesn't stop her from throwing a tantrum here and there, but that's what they do. Second time around in the terrible two's is so much easier than the first. Taylor also has quite the vocabulary. Her favorite phrases are : "Oh boy!" "All better" "Kiss it" "I love you" (or "I lue" in her language) "Go shopping" "Hi daddy!" and "Daddy's home!" She's learned to count to 10 with a little assistance and she's familiar with her colors, but still doesn't get it right 100% of the time yet. Here are a list of words we still need to translate for her. (Highlight the space after for the translation)

Huffy - movie
frijalater - refrigerator
toilet guckies - it's what she calls sitting on the potty. There are duckies on her toilet seat
yucky arms - Lucky Charms
porty sick - we still don't know what this means, but she says it all the time

Brooklyn is nearing her 7th birthday. I can't believe how old she's getting. We went to the dentist this week and still to date, she hasn't had a single cavity and she still has all her teeth. She's one of the smartest students in her first grade class. She's learning a lot about the value of relationships and is beginning to develop some talents. She's learning to play the piano and loves counting the money she earns from folding socks. She won't practice subtraction unless it's done with money. I'm glad she's jumping to real life applications :) I can still hear Coach Gourde from MHS saying, "In the real world . . ."

So nothing really exciting has been going on here. Just school, school, and more school. However, yesterday being St. Patrick's Day and this week being Spring Break (only for Brooklyn) I decided at the last minute to pack up the girls and some snacks and head to Fountain Hills to see the fountain shoot out green! It was a lot of fun to just take the girls somewhere on a whim like that and we had a lot of fun playing on the playgrounds and enjoying the nice weather. For breakfast we had green pancakes and green milk (Taylor only had one bite). For lunch we had green smoothies (strawberry and banana flavor). We had a full day yesterday and I didn't have the time I wanted for myself, but my girls got time with their mom which all of us needed.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Spring Break. I'll get mine after next week's finals. This year is going by so fast! As soon as I get to it, I'll post some of the art work I had for assignments this last quarter. Art school is very different, but I like it!